Execu Suites Support Services

Execu Suites Support Services

Feeling overloaded? Let our friendly, professional staff help!

Administrative Support Services

$5.50 per 15 minutes

  • Copying
  • Personalized Word Processing
  • Filing and Organizing
  • Presentations
  • Tape Transcription
  • Appointment Scheduling

$6.50 per 15 minutes

  • Create and Maintain Contact Databases
  • QuickBooks Input and Maintenance
  • Bookkeeping/Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet Design with Formulas
  • Page Layout and Design
  • Create Mailing List for Direct Mail

Secretarial Services

Writing Receipts for Payments $5.00 each
Copies/Prints at Reception $1.00/page
Faxing (Incoming or Outgoing) $1.00/page
Handing Out Applications/Forms $5.00 each
Handing Out Payroll $25.00/week
Checking Mail or Faxes via Phone $2.00/instance
Scanning and E-mailing Mail $1.00/piece
Scanning and E-mailing Documents $1.00/page
Miscellaneous Secretarial Services $2.00 each

Meeting Room Services

Our Staff Booking Your Meeting Room Reservation $2.00/booking
Additional Chairs $20.00 set up fee
Bottled Water $1.00/bottle
Catering Services $25.00 + cost of food
Coffee or Water Service $15.00 set up fee
Meeting Room Clean Up Fee $20.00
24 Hour Late Cancellation Fee $50.00

Copier Charges

Black & White: 0–100 pages $0.15/page
Black & White: 101–500 pages $0.12/page
Black & White: 500+ pages $0.10/page
Color $0.49/page
Scanning $0.05/page
Unlimited Scanning $10.00/month

Administrative Services

Notary $10.00/stamp
Witness Signatures $5.00/signature
Rush Order on Clerical Support 35% surcharge
Binding $10.00/binding
Package Delivery to Office $10.00/instance
Lock Out Fee $10.00/instance
Preparing Certified Mail $2.00/envelope
Forwarding Mail $5.00/instance + postage
One Time Fee to be Networked to our Copier for Printing/Scanning $25.00

Miscellaneous Services

Additional Office Keys $10.00/key
Copy Paper $7.00/ream
Office Supplies 35% surcharge
Door Sign $25.00
Lobby Sign $50.00
Mail Delivery in Additional Company Name $35.00/month
Parking Validations $2.00/hour
Postage 35% surcharge
FedEx Shipping 35% surcharge
Replacement Parking Card $35.00
Replacement Access Card $35.00


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