FAQ Hourly Office Space Rental

How do I book an hourly day office?

Once you become a client of Execu-Suites, we will register you on our online meeting room reservation website www.bookmeetingrooms.com. Once you are registered you will sign in and book your own day office time! Your reservations are booked, edited or cancelled by you.

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How do I pay for the time I reserve?

Payment is processed via credit card or direct check. If you sign up for a package of hours you are charged for your first months package up front at the time you enter into an Agreement with us. If you decide to use our pay by the hour plan then you are charged for your first reservation in advance. Subsequent bookings are charged in arrears on the 15th of every month.

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What type of Agreement do I need to sign to use the hourly day office rentals?

Our Agreements are month to month with no deposit or set up fee requirements. If you use the hourly plan you can cancel your use of our rooms at any time. If you choose to purchase a package of hours you are required to provide us 30 days notice in writing to cancel.

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How do I confirm a reservation?

Once you have made your reservation online at www.bookmeetingrooms.com, you will receive an email confirmation including a confirmation number for each reservation you make.

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What are your cancellation terms?

Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the reservation and can be done so online at www.bookmeetingrooms.com. If your cancellation is not processed 24 hours in advance you may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Please contact us to discuss this with one of our advisors in more detail.

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How much does it cost to reserve an hourly day office?

Please refer to the pricing detail we have provided within our site or contact us to talk to one of our advisors. It is generally more cost advantageous for clients to purchase a package of hours as the hourly rate is drastically reduced when purchasing a package of hours upfront.

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Can I book an hourly day office out of normal business hours?

Hourly day offices are only available during business hours however you may reserve a meeting room after hours. If using our meeting rooms after hours, a deposit and access card fees do apply as well as the hourly rate differential between the day office and meeting rooms. Please contact us for information regarding our after hours access policy.

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If the hourly day office is not available when I need it can I book a meeting room instead?

When you log onto to our online reservation system www.bookmeetingrooms.com you have the option of choosing the Day Office or a Meeting Room. You may choose a meeting room however you will be billed the difference in the hourly rate as the hourly rate for meeting rooms is higher than our Day Offices.

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Do you provide administrative support?

Our on-site Receptionist is available to great your clients, seat them in our Reception area and contact you to let you know they have arrived. Our administrative staff is also available to assist with presentation preparation, as well as scanning, photocopying, faxing, typing, notaries, witnesses and more. Please see our support services page for a complete description of all of the services we provide.

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What is included in the hourly day office rental?

Your hourly day office includes an office computer connected to our high-speed internet service, unlimited local calling, conference calling capabilities, and our Receptionist to greet your clients and let you know when they have arrived. You also have access to our break rooms complete with an array of beverages and snacks.

Note: Catering and Administrative Support is provided at an extra cost. Please visit our support services page for a complete breakdown of services and associated charges.

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What office layout styles do you offer?

Our offices feature a standard L shaped desk or desk and credenza with two side chairs and an exec chair. For larger meetings we advise use of our meeting rooms. contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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What kind of catering services do you provide?

You decide on the standard of catering required. This can be anything from standard teas/coffees and sandwiches to full luncheons offering hot and cold food. Please let us know in advance by contact us at the location where you have reserved your day office.

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What is the shortest time I can reserve an office?

Time is booked and billed in 1/2 hour increments at www.bookmeetingrooms.com.

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What is the longest time I can reserve an office for?

There is no maximum time limit. We have Clients that book our day offices from several hours to days at a time.

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